About Alumni

Alumni association of ABVGIET has envisioned a strengthened bond with its alumni students which shall bring along an era of new opportunities for both. As you’ve all spent a couple of years at ABVGIET campus in Pragatinagar during your B.Tech Programme, you shall always cherish some beautiful memories associated with this place. We shall organise alumni meets and programmes to celebrate that sense of belongingness shared by all our alumni students. No longer an ABVGIET student, your participation in the ABVGIET community has entered a new phase and shall extend over the rest of your life as a mutually benefitting enterprise for you as well as the institute. This Alumni association shall also act as a bond between you and the rest of your classmates.

Thus we look forward to fulfil, what we have envisioned for our institute and our alumni students via the Alumni Association of ABVGIET.

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